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Shared Equipment Policy

A PDF version of this policy is available here.
April 23, 2010

This policy focuses on the use of equipment purchased for the undergraduate laboratory for other purposes, especially faculty-lead research, and was adopted by a vote of 12-0 at the April 23, 2010 BME faculty meeting.

Guiding principle: Permitting the use of undergraduate laboratory equipment for other purposes is an effective way to use limited resources but must not diminish the availability of the equipment for it primary purpose.


  1. Undergraduate labs have first priority for scheduling the use of equipment.
  2. Equipment will remain in the BME undergraduate laboratory.
  3. Equipment can be used during normally work-day hours.
  4. The users will be responsible for providing or paying for any disposal items associated with the equipments use.
  5. Any equipment damaged or broken must be repaired or replaced by the user’s laboratory.
  6. If a single user or laboratory uses the equipment extensively, payment for contributing to maintenance costs may be required.
  7. Contact the BME Laboratory Supervisor (David Lee, to become trained on the equipment or to schedule use.
  8. The BME Laboratory Supervisor will serve as the manager/supervisor for equipment use; Department Chair has final authority for granting access to equipment.

If a compelling reason for making an exception to one of these specific points can be made, it will be considered by the BME Laboratory Supervisor on a case-by-case basis.

Current equipment:

1 Cary 50 Bio UV-VIS spectrophotometer with temperature controlled, 4 cuvette changer.
5 Test Resources 250 lb f load frames with Q controller
7 MP36 biopacs
7 Dell laptops to run the load frames and biopacs
2 chemical fume hoods
2 4' and 1 6' bio-safety cabinets
2 Nu-Aire Model Nu-5100 incubators
1 Harris Plasma PDC 001 plasma cleaner with dry scroll pump
1 Rame-Hart Standard Goniometer (non-contact) with DropImage analysis software