Biomaterials is the discipline dealing with natural and synthetic materials as well as the interactions between materials and biological tissues. It covers a wide range of research areas including basic materials science, biocompatibility, implant device development, surgical applications, and failure analysis and has application throughout most physiologic systems (hip and knee implants, contact lenses, coronary artery stents, catheters, etc.). Courses in this area begin with the domain course in Biomaterials and expand into an array of graduate courses. Faculty members in the BME department with research interest in biomaterials include Profs. Hansford, He, Litsky, Powell, and Winter. Collaborating faculty across the College of Engineering (Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and the University (Colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine) also work in the area of biomaterials.

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