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Christopher Breuer

  • Professor, Pediatrics
  • Professor, Pediatric Surgery
  • 700 Childrens Dr
    Columbus, OH 43205
  • 614-355-5754


  • January, 2012

    Emile F. Holman Lecturer.

  • January, 2008

    American College of Surgeons Jacobson Promising Investigator Award.

  • January, 2007

    Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Scientist Development Award.

  • January, 2006

    National Institute of Health Mentored Clincial Scientist Develpment Award.

  • January, 2005

    American Surgical Association Foundation Research Fellowship Award.

  • January, 2004

    American Pediatric Surgical Foundation Award.

  • January, 2001

    Air Force Achievement Medal.

  • January, 1993

    Advanced Tissue Sciences Tissue Engineering Research Fellowship.

  • January, 1986

    Cum Laude Graduate of Honors Program of the Holy Cross.

  • January, 1986

    Air Force Health Professions Scholarship.



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