Tolchin presents BME’s Industry Mentorship Program at national conference

Tolchin, a white woman, stands next to a man posing in frot of the NACADA sign
Lindsay and Barry Tolchin at the NACADA conference where they both presented on the industry mentorship programs they run in their departments

Last month at the 2023 National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, academic advisor Lindsay Tolchin gave a presentation on BME’s Industry Mentorship Program. The session’s learning outcomes included identifying the benefits and challenges of the program and to help audience participants adapt a similar model at their own institution for their unique student populations.

One of the strengths of BME’s undergraduate program, the Industry Mentorship Program pairs undergraduates interested in working in industry after graduation with a mentor currently working in industry. Mentors, who are often alumni of our program, serve as a voice of experience for our current undergraduates who need guidance understanding what jobs are available for biomedical engineers, navigating an internship or full-time job search, networking and interviewing. For students looking to explore industry career opportunities, these connections with working professionals have proven to be an invaluable resource.

Attendees at Tolchin’s presentation during the NACADA conference were eager to learn about BME’s Industry Mentorship Program, which led to a vibrant Q&A discussion. “The Q&A was fabulous,” said Tolchin “We had an amazingly engaged audience. One attendee approached me after the session to tell me this was the best presentation she attended throughout the entire conference.”

Tolchin started the Industry Mentorship Program in BME 3 years ago. Since then, the program has continued to grow, both in size and impact on students. For the 2023-2024 year, 36 undergraduate students are being mentored by 27 mentors. This program is a great example of how connecting with industry professionals can support student success.

"The Industry Mentorship Program was the start of me learning how to grow as a student and engineer. I got a summer internship based on my mentor’s advice, and I learned how to network" --mentee

If you’re interested in learning more about BME’s Industry Mentorship Program, or would like to volunteer as a mentor for the 2024-2025 academic year, visit our website.

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