Course Spotlight: 4001 Clinical Preceptorship with Prof. Ruegsegger


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In this spotlight, learn about Engineering Career Elective course, BME 4001, Clinical Preceptorship taught by Professor Ruegsegger, which is offered every Spring semester.

About BME 4001 Clinical Preceptorship

Tell us what students can expect to learn in this course

This course will train students, through a clinical immersion model, to observe and develop clinical needs and potential device solutions.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for juniors so they can use the course to help confirm or expand interests they may have after graduation. But seniors are also able to take the course. Feedback from students have indicated that this course can be helpful in the decision-making process of pursuing a medical or industry career.

What specifically makes this course useful and applicable for BME students?

This course combines two teaching experiences: lectures from clinicians at the cutting-edge of medicine and advances in engineering; and a deep clinical experience with observation and engagement in an important clinical process.

What kinds of assignments can students expect to do in this course?

Assignments include attending a few seminars, maintaining a blog on the clinical experiences, a couple short papers that summarize an issue related to medicine and engineering, and a final presentation on the clinical experience.

What do you think is special about this course?

This course is a collaboration with an OSU engineer-physician, Dr. David Eckmann, who has seen the benefit of bringing physicians and engineers together.

About Professor Ruegsegger

Professor Ruegsegger shakes hands with a woman
Professor Ruegsegger receiving the Weed Excellence in Teaching Award in 2023

What is your favorite part of teaching this course?

I enjoy hearing the cutting-edge lectures from scheduled presentations by those in medicine and engineering. I also enjoy giving students the opportunity to be in the clinical environment for an extended period of time.

Something you might not know about Professor Ruegsegger

He was awarded the Herman R. Weed Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008, 2013, and 2023 as well as the David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award in 2016. He also serves as one of the co-advisors for BMES, which he won the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor award for in 2023 at the Student Life Leadership Awards.

Thoughts from a BME Advisor on BME 4001

Cory Matyas, senior academic advisor, had this to say on the course

“BME 4001 is one of the most popular classes in the department. I have never heard a bad review - or even a lukewarm one! Students rave :) It seems particularly interesting for our pre-med students, who can see the clinical engineering applications of medicine (which is a great compliment to the College of Medicine shadowing class). I’ve heard BME 4001 is a really nice way for students to see their major applied to the marriage of engineering and medical mentorship!”

If you’re interested in enrolling in BME 4001 for Spring 2023, there are still seats available. Head to the Schedule Planner to make sure this course fits in your schedule. You must have Junior or Senior status in BME to enroll in this Engineering Career Elective course!