2023 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum showcases BME undergraduate researchers and their mentors

Posted: March 23, 2023

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum is an academic tradition at Ohio State that offers graduating undergraduate researchers the opportunity to share research projects they've worked on with the guidance of a faculty mentor. This year’s Denman, held on March 7th, showcased over 200 presentations from Ohio State undergraduates spanning across ten categories of research.

Makund Nadimpally, a male presenting person, presents his research while standing in front of his poster . He is holding a bone model
Mukund Nadimpally presents his research

BME was well represented during the 28th annual Denman Forum by 13 of our undergraduates who presented in four different categories: Understanding Cancer, Innovations in Medicine, Engineering and Technology, and Public Health.

Two of our students, Aneesh Zutshi and Shivangi Mohta were recognized with top awards in their categories! More details about these two students can be found at the bottom of this article.

We applaud our students for their excellent work and representing BME at the Denman. Here are the students in BME who presented at this year's Denman:

Lia Gomez-Perez, a female presenting person with long hair, stands smiling in front of her research poster
Lia Gomez-Perez stands in front of her poster at the Denman

The Denman is Ohio State's only competitive poster forum where winners are recognized in each category as determined by faculty, staff, and Denman alumni reviewers. Students are reviewed on their ability to communicate their research process and results effectively in both their written poster content and accompanying oral presentation.  During the Denman Forum, the university community celebrates not only the hard work of these students, but also the dedication of their faculty research mentors.

Congratulations again to our students who participated in and were recognized at the Denman Forum for their hard work throughout their undergraduate research experience and ability to communicate their research. We are lucky in BME to have such curious, driven, and passionate undergraduates who are supported by our outstanding faculty and graduate student mentors.

Spotlight on award winners from this year's Denman

Headshot of Aneesh Zutshi, a male presenting person with short hair and a wide smile. The image reads "Graduating BME Senior" "First place in 'understanding cancer'


Tell us about yourself: I am a senior in biomedical engineering who will be attending medical school after graduation and hopes to specialize in oncology.

Project Title: "In vitro model of Glioblastoma to study subpopulation induced extracellular matrix changes"

In other words: Aneesh studied Glioblastoma, a grade IV primary brain cancer. In his project, Aneesh hoped to validate a 3D micro-gel model for studying the interactions different types of Glioblastoma cells have with the surrounding brain environment (e.g. changing tissue stiffness, secreting remodeling proteins).

Mentor: Aleksander Skardal


headshot of Shivangi Mohta, a female presenting person with long hair and a warm smile. The text reads "Graduating BME Senior" "Second place in 'innovations in medicine'"


Tell us about yourself: I am a senior in biomedical engineering and an aspiring physician-scientist who plans to attend medical school after graduation. 

Project title: βIV-spectrin is responsible for orienting concentric versus eccentric cardiomyocyte hypertrophy by altering microtubule stability

In other words: Shivangi's project explored the underlying mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy (muscle cell enlargement) and subsequent heart failure. Specifically, her project was a study into how interaction between two proteins, βIV-spectrin and STAT3, can alter microtubule stability and facilitate transition to maladaptive hypertrophy and heart failure.  

Mentor: Thomas Hund

For a full list of Denman winners, visit the forum website