Application Deadlines & Required Applicant Background

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for Autumn Semester 2024 

Recommended for PhD* application & the majority of competitive PhD funding opportunities
DEC 1, 2023 - Deadline for DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL applicants

We are flexible whenever possible. PhD applications can be made after this date, but the majority of competitive PhD funding opportunities may be missed. We do the bulk of our reviewing between December and February and we hold files open in case unexpected funding comes available.  

Recommended for MS** applications (self-funded; MS applicants pay their own tuition and fees once admitted)
DEC 1, 2023 thru MAY 1, 2024 - Deadline for DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL applicants


Unless an applicant is being recruited specifically to start in Spring, we recommend applying for Autumn semester start, when more faculty are recruiting and more funding competitions are active. Spring start is an option reserved for special cases such as graduation delays, internal transfers, or unique OSU programs such as the MPD-MS or the BS/MS. For traditional MS and PhD students, Spring start is less common and less ideal in terms of being able to start with classmates in introductory courses offered in Autumn only, but there are cases that warrant it.     

Deadlines for Spring Semester 2024

Recommended for MS** or PhD* admission
OCT 1 - Deadline for DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL applicants 

We are flexible whenever possible. Applications made after this date may not leave time for international reviews, relocation, housing, etc.  

*Please note that PhD admission depends on finding a faculty member who is recruiting a student to their research lab and is able to provide funding. We do not admit applications to the PhD program unless we can provide GRA or Fellowship funding; therefore, contacting faculty directly to learn about their research and their ability to fund a new student is strongly encouraged.   

**MS programs are self-funded. We admit MS students expecting that they will provide their own graduate funding. 


Requirements for Non-engineering BME Graduate Applicants

Revised by BMEGSC, Autumn 2022

  • Courses must be completed with a minimum 3.0/4.0 cumulative GPA prior to applying to The Ohio State University Graduate BME Program.
  • Equivalent courses may be taken at another institution.

Take the following before applying:

1. One year of Calculus

MATH 1151 (5); MATH 1152 (5)

2. Linear algebra or differential equations

MATH 2174 (3) or MATH 2415 (3)

3. General Biology

BIOLOGY 1113 (4)

4. General Chemistry I

CHEM 1210 (5)

Take 2 from the following physics and engineering courses before applying:

1. Electrical Circuits and Electronic Devices

ECE 2300 (3) 

2. Statics

ME 2010 (2)

3. Introduction to Mechanics of Materials

ME 2020 (3)

4. Statics and Mechanics

ME 2040 (4)

5. Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves

Physics 1250 (5)

6. Electricity & Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics

Physics 1251 (5)