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Faculty Awards

Herman R. Weed Excellence in Teaching Award 

In recognition by his/her students of exemplary instruction and mentorship in service to students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Year Recipient
2019 Dr. Alexis Ortiz-Rosario
2018 Dr. Jennifer Leight
2017 Dr. Keith Gooch
2016 Dr. Derek Hansford
2015 Dr. Tanya M. Nocera
2014 Dr. Thomas J. Hund
2013 Dr. Mark A. Ruegsegger
2012 Dr. Heather M. Powell
2011 Dr. Keith J. Gooch
2010 Dr. Samir N. Ghadiali
2009 Dr. Ronald Xu
2008 Dr. Mark A. Ruegsegger
2007 Dr. Stephen C. Lee

Dr. Herman R. Weed



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