Poster Printing Services


The Department of Biomedical Engineering provides poster printing services to meet our educational and research missions. In particular, the services are for students required to submit a poster for a BME course, and for BME Faculty and students presenting research at local, regional, national or international conferences, symposia or competitions. The poster printer facility is for BME faculty, staff, and students only. 

Please read all instructions before submitting a poster request.

Poster Printer Request Form 

Notification and General Procedures 

  • The poster printer is located in Bevis Hall 402. This is not a walk-in service.
  • Normal poster printing requires 48 hour notice. We recommend 3-5 days’ notice to give yourself ample time before your event. Posters requiring less than 48 hours may be completed in time, but there is no guarantee. Rush fees will apply (See below). 
  • Once started, most posters take about 30-60 minutes to print. We use ‘instant dry’ ink and paper, so the poster will be ready to transport just minutes after printing. 
  • Poster tubes cost $3.00.

Layout and File Recommendation 

  • The poster printer uses a 36” paper roll, so all posters will need to be 36” in one of the directions, either horizontal or vertical. The other dimension can be any length. 
  • We recommend Powerpoint (*.PPT) and Acrobat (*.PDF) file formats for printing. Other formats may also be accepted. Posters created with PowerPoint on Mac computers must provide a PDF file to ensure that all font, color and graphic details import correctly. Please send files to OSU Buckeye Box BME Poster Printer Request:
  • Printer Request Box:        and Ashlynn Fisher at
  • We strongly recommend that you keep the poster background white, and use color for the graphics, section titles, borders, etc. This will give your text good contrast, and use much less ink. Fees for excessive background color are detailed below. 
  • We will contact you via email when your poster is ready for pick up.

Costs & Payment 

  • Payment will be made via journal transfer by the BME fiscal office prior to the end of each month.
  • Given our projected costs for paper and ink and to recoup the cost of the actual printer, we also have calculated a price per poster. Posters printed by BME Faculty, staff and students will be charged:
  • Service Rate Unit 
    • 3 to 5 Business Days (Standard) $5 Square foot 
    • 2 Business Days $6 Square foot (if prior approval by Ben Jones) 
    • 1 Business Day or Same Day $10 Square foot (if prior approval by Ben Jones)
  • Poster Tubes $3 per tube 
  • Posters with excessive color backgrounds will be charged an extra $15 fee. You will be notified about this fee before the poster is printed. 
  • Refunds for misprinted posters are only made for errors as a result of equipment malfunction.

Logos and Templates 

  • Templates are provided for a vertical 48” x 36” poster, and horizontal 36” x 48” poster. (These will be most useful for BME faculty, staff and students).
  • Always be sure to use the most recent logos.
  • The University’s official fonts are Capital and Proxima Nova. Additionally, we recommend the use of Times New Roman and Arial fonts.


Ben Jones, BME Graphics Manager:

Ashlynn Fisher, BME Graphics Manager:

Mark Ruegsegger, Instructor, BME Sr. Design Course: 

(Do not send files to Dr. Ruegsegger)


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