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UG Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research in BME

Undergraduate research requires an educational collaboration between students and faculty members. Research experiences may be initiated by students who seek out faculty supervision for their projects or by faculty members who involve undergraduate students in their research teams.

Students have the opportunity to graduate with Honors or Research Distinction by participating in research and writing an undergraduate thesis.  The research thesis option provides undergraduates with a unique opportunity to engage in a full-scale research project with the guidance of a faculty member that will result in the production of a thesis. The benefits of participating in undergraduate research are numerous. Students who plan to pursue a graduate degree will find the experience extremely valuable preparation for a Master’s or Doctoral thesis while also bolstering their credentials when seeking admission to their graduate program of choice. Students who plan to work in industry will benefit from the experience of developing and completing an independent project from start to finish. Regardless of the motive, the opportunity to complete a research thesis is one that provides an invaluable learning experience.

Biomedical Engineering follows the College's guidelines for Research Distinction, with some important additional information outlined below. More information on Graduation with Research Distinction.

NOTE: The College of Engineering encourages students who have a GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 to pursue Research Distinction, rather than Honors Research Distinction.  All the same steps will be followed in completing the process, and all students are eligible to compete for the Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS).

Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS):  

  1. Scholarships range from $500 to full tuition.
  2. Applications are due by Friday of the 6th week of each semester, and includes proposal and letter support.

BME Specifics for Distinction Research

  1.  Meeting: Students interested in graduating with Honors or Research Distinction should begin planning prior to their senior year.  Special meetings will be held early in the Fall semester for BME juniors to assist with planning, and for seniors enrolled for research credits. Meeting dates/times will be announced on this webpage, and at the first Fall BMES student chapter meeting.
  2. Choosing Advisors: Students can perform research with a faculty member in or outside of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. For those who do research outside the BME Department, the student must get prior approval from the College and will need to show that their research does have Engineering applications. In addition, a BME faculty member must serve as the second advisor, and sit on the student’s thesis review committee.
  3. Scheduling: At least 6 hours of BME 4999, Research in Biomedical Engineering, is required. Your academic advisor can help you register for this course (permission of the faculty member is required to enroll).  Typically, students take 3 hours of BME 4999 in the Fall semester of their senior year and 3 hours in their Spring semester. However, this is a flexible course and can be taken any term and in any fashion that best suits student and faculty member.

Important: Students must register all research credits as BME 4999, regardless of the advisor's home department, so that the Distinction Research designation on the diploma will be from Biomedical Engineering. Please see your academic advisor to set up the appropriate BME 4999 specific to your advisors.