Graduate Course Lists and Degree Enhancements

Not all required and fundamental graduate courses are offered each term or each year. The following lists show planned graduate BME course offerings. For more course ideas from other departments, please see the list included in the appendix of the BME Handbook. 

Other course ideas and degree enhancements may be discovered by exploring graduate minors and specialization areas. A comprehensive list of interdisciplinary specialization and certificate programs is maintained by the Graduate School, with options including African American and African StudiesCollege and University Teaching, Rural SociologyBiomedical Clinical and Translational Science, and Disability Studies -- or simply try some courses in Humanitarian Engineering. For courses and competitions aimed at business and commercialization, be sure to check out the Center for Entrepreneurship of the Fisher College of Business.

BME Graduate Courses planned for Autumn 2022 & Spring 2023

Projected listing. Courses for the upcoming academic year are finalized during faculty discussions at the end of the current academic year and there can be changes to the tentative plans based on addition of new faculty, professional leave, changes in funded research release time, etc.

Please note: all 5xxx-level courses listed below count as graduate-level BME courses -- even those listed as undergraduate and without specific graduate sections. 

Autumn 2022
6000 - Scientific Methods - Roberts
6983 - Research Ethics - Ghadiali 
5001 - Cardiovascular Engineering - Veeraraghavan, et al.
5510 - Advanced Tissue Engineering - Gooch
5610 - Microdevices - Zhao 
5186 - Biomedical Ultrasound - Liu
6530 - Cell Plasticity - Gallego-Perez
5194.05 - Adv Numerical Methods & Modeling - Weinberg 
*MSE 5611 - Materials in Medicine - Powell
Spring 2023 (planned)
5194.01 - Machine Learning/AI - Ahmad 
5194.02 - Ocular Biomechanics - Reilly   
5194.08 - Transferrable Skills in Grad School - Liu   
5310 - Adv Biomaterials - Team 
5421 - Tissue Mechanics - Walter
5560 - Cancer Bioengineering - Leight
5550 - Eng Principles in Cancer - Song  
5663 - Intro to Micro- and Nano Fluidics
5635 - Cellular Nanotech - Winter 
5639 - Med Dev Reg - Boyd