Special Awards

Chair’s Award for Outstanding and Exceptional Contribution to BME

This special award is given in recognition of an above and beyond contribution to the Department of Biomedical Engineering by faculty, staff, and/or students. This award is not given on an annual basis

Year Recipient
2023 Dr. Cynthia Roberts
2023 Lindsay Tolchin

Steve Crissinger


BME Staff :

Ashlynn Fisher 

Kirsten Gibbons 

Jada Harmon 

Jerry Heskett 

Ben Jones 

Cory Matyas 

Melanie Senitko 

Lindsay Tolchin 

2017 Dr. William Brantley

BME GSA Officers:

Mark A. Calhoun II

Birce 'Ela' Onal 

Lauren Cosby

Peter Amaya