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Apply to the Graduate Program

A collection of resources to assist as you apply to the Biomedical Engineering graduate program.

What to Know Before Applying

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is home to students from around the world. The Department's small but diverse community of students is a source of comfort within the vast Ohio State University campus.

The Ohio State University Graduate School absolutely requires a minimum of 3.0 in all undergraduate work and a minimum 550 on the PBT TOEFL or a 79 for the IBT; however, the minimum cut for the University Fellowship Competition typically is a 3.6 GPA.

The Department posts no required minima and honor considerations of experience, diversity, background, and recommendations.

The GRE is required of ALL applicants to the PhD programs (with the exception of those applying to the MD/PhD, for whom the MCAT will be accepted if accompanied by an undergraduate degree in engineering). The GRE is waived for applicants to the non-thesis MS program who have completed a BS in BME here at Ohio State.

Most applicants to the BME graduate program have majored in a traditional branch of engineering (e.g., ChE, EE, ME, etc.) or in BME. Those with life science undergraduate degrees or with non-engineering backgrounds are required to complete some additional coursework to develop competence in engineering before applying. Please see our required background course list for details.

Preparation in biology or physiology can be helpful to those with engineering backgrounds.

We make research and funding matches for applicants before we can admit them to the PhD program; therefore, PhD applicants are encouraged to contact faculty in order to establish a connection that might lead to a funded position in order to maximize chances of admission.  

The MS (including BS/MS) is a self-funded degree. 

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for Autumn (mid-August) Semester

For PhD admission & funding consideration
Nov 30 - Deadline for International applicants
Dec 15 - Deadline for Domestic applicants
For admission-only to MS or PhD, no funding
May 1 (Last-minute deadline for general admission)

Deadline for Spring (January) Semester

For admission-only, to MS or PhD, no funding
October 15 (Recommended for all, required for International applicants) 
Nov 1 (FINAL "last-minute" deadline for general admission for Domestic applicants)