BME Industry Mentorship Program

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BME Industry Mentorship Program

The BME Industry Mentorship Program pairs undergraduates interested in working in industry after graduation with a mentor currently working in industry. Our mentors, who are often alumni of our program, serve as a voice of experience for our current undergraduates who need guidance navigating what it’s like to search for positions, interview, and exposure to what types of jobs are out there.

Mentors and students are paired based on their experiences and interests. The program kicks off with an all-participant Zoom meeting in September and then the individual mentor/student pairings coordinate monthly communication (Zoom, in-person, email, text, etc.) until the conclusion of the program in April. Topics of discussion may include resume review, preparation for upcoming career fairs, or a day-in-the-life at the mentor’s company, to name a few examples.


"It was valuable being able to share advice that I wish someone would have given me at that age, and also seeing my mentee succeed in their goal of full-time employment."
– Mentor
Lindsay Tolchin

Contact Lindsay Tolchin with questions about BME's Industry Mentorship Program at


Timeline for Industry Mentorship Program

  • Mid-September: All-participant Zoom meeting for a program overview and then individual breakout rooms to start developing your Mentor/Student relationship and setting personal goals and expectations for the upcoming academic year.
  • September-April: Monthly 1:1 interactions (~1-2 hours per month) over Zoom, email, text, phone, or visits
  • April: Complete end of the year feedback survey

Join our Community of Mentors

Become a mentor for the 2023-2024 school year!

Our Industry Mentorship Program is seeking mentors from fields in biomedical engineering to join our program. Mentors serve as coaches, guides, motivators, advisors and role models for their mentee. Mentoring is a great way to expand your professional network and connect with The Ohio State University community while supporting a future professional in your field.

Mentor FAQ

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Information for Student Participants

Learn and get advice from mentors in industry

  • Learn about specific jobs, career paths, industries, and organizational cultures in biomedical engineering
  • Receive constructive feedback about personal and professional skills
  • Obtain advice about job expectations
  • Pursue networking opportunities
  • Get advice on potentially useful Career Course Electives
  • Discover current and future industry trends

Students admitted to the Biomedical Engineering major will receive information about how to apply during the first week of Autumn semester.  This program is specifically for students interested in working in industry after graduation.  Students are expected to be the driver of the student/mentor relationship and will take the lead on setting meetings and discussion topics with your mentor.



"The Industry Mentorship Program was the start of me learning how to grow as a student and engineer. I got a summer internship based on my mentor’s advice, and I learned how to network."
– Mentee